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    The 17th-century Statenjacht (Statenyacht) was - contrary to what the name yacht suggests - not a pleasure boat. Evolved from the war yachts as used in the 80-year war, it had developed into a convenient, fast and above all comfortable means of transport. The Statenjacht was the ideal way to travel at a time when country roads were bad and there was plenty of water. It was frequently used by high-ranking people and royalty, or official bodies such as the Amsterdam, Zuid-Holland and Zeeland Admiralties, but also by city councils and members of the VOC and WIC chambers.

    The Statenjacht was a robustly built ship, suitable for sailing in all weathers on the waters of Zeeland and Zuid-Holland and on the Zuiderzee. If necessary, the ship was even seaworthy enough to sail into the North Sea. Because of the leeboards, the Statenjacht was able to navigate well in shallow water and brief trips along the coast.

    State yachts were lavishly decorated with a beautifully carved mirror, various ornaments along the side and on the bow a grim lion that could compete with the large warships. However, it was only lightly armed with two or four small pieces - mainly intended for salute shots.

    The 17th-century Statenjacht was around 62 to 66 (Amsterdam) feet long, or 17.5 to 18.7 metres. With this kit you can build your own Statenjacht as it was frequently seen on Dutch waters in the second half of the 17th century. The model is 1/50 scale and when built it is approx. 50 cm long (including bowsprit), 20 cm wide and 52 cm high (without stand). The kit of the Statenjacht is fully equipped, with laser-cut frames and deck structure, complete walnut planking (single plank system), including sails and two pieces of artillery.
    The kit is level 2 on a scale of 4.
    An accompanying paint set and oak stand are available as extras.

    Model € 209,-


    Price is excluding postal costs - but please ask for this - we can send worldwide


    Length appr. 50 cm
    (incl. bowsprit)
    Width appr. 20 cm
    Height appr. 52 cm
    Armaments 2 small canons
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