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    Oktober 2019 -
    Beginning of December the latest Kolderstok model will be released:
    The expedition ship of Willem Barentsz
    The drawings and building instructions are yet made, in Dutch, English and German. Price is not yet known but we aim at under 200 € incl. vat, exclusive postage. First deliveries are expected beginning of December. Interested? Please send an email at kolderstok@gmail.com.

    May 2019 -
    For delivery outside the Netherlands the following new items are available:
    Authentic blocks - genuine in form and shape.
    Standard sail cloth - 100% cotton, 0,3 mm thickness
    The sail cloth is not mentioned under accessories - please send us an email if you want more info on this item.

    January 2019 -
    De Zeven Provinciën has been overhauled! Building instructions are rewritten - including photos of builder Hans G. , and some minor issues in the laser cut parts have been corrected. De Zeven Provinciën is now available in a walnut plank model and in a oak plank model. See "models" for actual price information.

    November 2018 -
    From November 25th on the Kolderstok models will have new prices:
    - Duyfken € 209,- incl. vat.
    - Batavia € 405,- incl. vat.
    - De Zeven Provinciën is currently unavailable - prices are being recalculated.

    Price of the new Kolderstok model - Statenjacht - is now known: € 209,- incl. vat.
    Please contact us for more information on shipping costs to your country.

    October 2018 -
    The Zeven Provinciën box currently has limited availability due to a redesign. Please send us a message if you want to buy this kit, and we'll seek the best solution for you.

    September 2018 -
    After a beautiful summer with less model building we can now proudly show you the first images of the new Kolderstok model - the 17th century Statenjacht -. The model needs some last finishes, then the photoshoot, drawings and building instructions and finaly bringing the box onto the market. Price is not yet known but we aim at just under 250 € incl. vat. First deliveries are expected end of November. Interested? Please send an email at kolderstok@gmail.com.

    February 2018 -
    Within short time Kolderstok will have a small boat available, which can be used together with all the Kolderstok models. The small boat is approx. 12 cm long and 4 cm wide, which is approx. 9 metres at 1/72 and approx. 6 metres at 1/50.
    Interested? Please contact us via kolderstok@gmail.com.

    December 2017 -
    The first boxes of De Zeven Provinciën are delivered! After Christmas everyone who has pre-ordered will receive the kit.
    The first series is sold out, but we expect a second series around half January 2018.
    If you want to order please contact us via kolderstok@gmail.com or via our new telephone number:+31 (0)6 23009355

    October 2017 -
    Unfortunately we did discover a difference in drawing 01 and the real model of the Duyfken, where the side view of the model is slightly shorter then the model itself.
    We have made a correction on the drawing.
    If you follow the markings on the false decks to place them on the frames you will not have any trouble in building the model, but if you face some problems, please contact us via email or telephone
    Our new number is +31 (0)6 23009355

    Sept 2017 -
    We have a new telephone number. If you want to call us please use +31 (0) 623009355

    July 2017 -
    The webpage regarding De Zeven Provinciën is now online.
    Pre-order? Please send us an email!
    Erica, thank you for the translation!

    June 2017 -
    Newest model from Kolderstok: De Zeven Provinciën!
    As written below - the newest model by Kolderstok will be De Zeven Provinciën - the flagship of Michiel de Ruyter
    The model comes in scale 1:72 and will be fully armed. Length of the model around one metre, height also one metre. Rating four on a scale of four. The basic model will be fully rigged, a set of sails can be purchased separately. And we are considering - for the tough guys among us - to offer oak hull planking as alternative for the walnut.

    Model to be available near the end of 2017

    March 2017 - We are very busy on our new model, but will keep this still a secret. If you want to know more about this new ship please visit Scheepswerf De Delft in Rotterdam on the 7th of may and you can see more about the newest Kolderstok ship.
    Scheepswerf / Museum De Delft, Schiehaven 15 3024 EC Rotterdam

    Dec 2016 - The last drawings for the rigging of the Batavia are now available as pdf-file. Please send us a mail at kolderstok@gmail.com and you will receive these pdf-files in your mailbox.

    Nov 2016 - For the Batavia we now have a luxury oak stand available. See the tab "accessoiries" for more info!

    Sept 2016 - The Duyfken is now available - you can order via our email address kolderstok@gmail.com

    June 2016 - First photos of the new model Duyfken are available! See tab "Duyfken"

    May 2016 - The Batavia modelkit will be updated and renewed later this year. The stern ornaments will be renewed and computer modelled, and planking will be partly renewed.

    May 2016 - Modelbuilder Tony de V. from Cape Town transformed the original Batavia to a sistership from the same period - The "Utrecht". The Utrecht was one of the ships who fought in the battle of Galle in 1640 and the shown model could very well be quite as the original Utrecht. The ornaments on the stern are special production - handcrafted after the city arms of the town of Utrecht - Netherlands.

    This is a special service Kolderstok can provide - handcraft an individual stern after images or any other source - to create your own unique ship Please contact us for details!

    November 2015 - From now on the sails for the Batavia are available. The set contains cloth, drawings, string and blocks and instructions for placing. Sail kit will cost € 35,- exclusive postal costs.

    November 2015 - We are in close contact with a skilled modelbuilder in South Africa who is going to use the Batavia as base for a custom made VOC-ship. If you have similair plans or ideas, please feel free to contact us - we sure will help!

    May 2015 - Our website is online! Thanks to Erica Dakin for the Dutch to English translation!